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A holistic wellbeing plan for your team

Fitify is all about the power of precision and personalization. We create fully personalized fitness plan tailored to the specific goals, needs, and preferences so your team members will be equipped with the perfect tools to conquer their lifestyle aspirations.

A holistic wellbeing plan for your team

Build the path to lasting team achievements

At Fitify, we're all about celebrating individuality and unleashing greatness. We believe that one-size-fits-all approaches have no place when it comes to health and fitness. That's why we deliver a fully personalized fitness experience that ignites both joy and optimal performance for every single member of your exceptional team.

Build the path to lasting team achievements

Created by AI, curated by human experts

Your employees will get an unlimited access to Fitify to use it as much as they want, when they want, where they want. Their personalized fitness plan can be adjusted whenever necessary, accommodating any schedule changes seamlessly. Your employees can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle, fostering their well-being both within and outside the workplace.

Created by AI, curated by human experts

Health and success hand in hand

We offer a unique fitness experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Your team will not only have an access to tailored fitness plan but also to 900+ exercises, including yoga, meditation and breathing routines for stress management. Moreover, with a diverse selection of 1000+ healthy recipes, Fitify will support their overall well-being, empowering them to lead a healthy lifestyle with ease and effectiveness.

Health and success hand in hand

How it works

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Build the Best Solution Together

Together, we will tailor the best and stress-free solution to fit your expectations and create a dedicated dashboard to follow your team activities and progress.

Engage Your Team

We will guide you and your team throughout the whole process to ensure the onboarding of each member is smooth and comfortable for everyone.

Enjoy the Journey

Provide a personalized fitness plan to each member to experience elevated work performance, teamwork, and individual well-being. A worthwhile asset to fuel your team's accomplishments!

BBC Science Focus
The Times

Employees who exercise regularly experience significant improvement in their professional life


Improved interactions within a team*


Increased motivation*


Increased capacity for stress*


Improved concentration*


Improved overall work performance**

*results for at least 2 finished workouts/week over the last month **results reported by an employer after 3 months of regular exercising

Hear from our users

Annie K.

Administrative Assistant

Thanks to the personalized fitness plan, I've rocked not only physical gains but also a brainpower boost. Mixing killer workouts with mindfulness stuff has seriously changed how I deal with work tasks. I'm feeling more sure of myself, pumped up, and ready to handle tough projects like a champ. Seriously, Fitify gets a big thumbs-up for leveling up my productivity!

Thomas W.

Web Developer

Sticking to my fitness plan's awesome guidance has been a game changer for my lifestyle. Not just the physical gains, but my mood and motivation have shot through the roof. This shift in my vibe has totally amped up my teamwork and output. Trust me, Fitify's personalized approach has totally upped my work game!

Carrie P.

Marketing Intern

Fitify's personalized fitness plan has been a total work performance game-changer. Precise exercises and posture tweaks ended my office-hours back woes. Adding in-work stretches dialed up my physical comfort, boosting task focus and squashing discomfort distractions. Thanks to this tailored plan, I am more productive!

Bring Fitify to your team

Fill in your details to get in touch with our Corporate Business specialist. They will help you find the most suitable solution for your team and the individual team members. The onboarding process usually takes about 2-3 weeks, depending on the size of the team, general, and individual requests.